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About STKS

About The Bandung College of Social Welfare


Bandung College of Social Welfare (BCSW) is an official college under the Ministry of Social Affairs of The Republic of Indonesia which conducts Diploma IV Educational Program and Postgraduate Program on Social Work. Bandung College of Social Welfare was founded in 1964 as the improvement of the High Level Social Vocational Course with a term of 2 years, previously formed as Social A Basic Course founded in 1957 and with a term of 1 year. In 1970, Bandung College of Social Welfare only organized professional Social Work for a Bachelor’s Degree. in 1971 the educational program was improved with the opening of undergraduate program. The presence of provision of the Ministry of Education and Culture, on the abolition of the baccalaureate program, then since 1985 in addition to S1 education, BCSW also conducted Diploma III educational program, then Diploma IV education program started in the academic year 1989/1990.

Until 2011, the number of BCSW graduates as much as 11 067 people, consisting of KDSA, KKST, Bachelor, Diploma III, undergraduate Degree (S1), Diploma IV, and (S2). The alumni of Bandung College of Social Welfare scattered in various government agencies (Ministry of Social Affairs, Ministry of Home Affairs, Ministry of Health Affairs, Ministry of National Affairs, Police, Military, etc.) The local government, private and international agencies such as UNICEF, UNDP, Save the Children, Plan International, etc.

On January 18, 2001 BCSW became an official College confirmed by Presidential Decree No. 14 of 2001. As for the Organization and Work Procedure BCSW confirmed by Decree of the Minister of Social Affairs Number: 24 PEG-HUK / 2002, and Regulation of Minister of Social Affairs Number: 51 / HUK / 2006 on the Statute of BCSW.

Additionally, based on the Letter of Approval of the Director General of Higher Education Ministry of National Education Decree No. 15 / D / T / 05 dated January 10, 2005, began the 2006 academic year the Bandung College of Social Welfare (BCSW) conducted Study Programs of Professional Social Work (Specialist-1 / Sp-1). Education Program of Specialist-1 (Sp-1). The Social Work includes two (2) concentrations namely Clinical Social Work and Community Social Work.

The Emblem / Logo of BCSW

  1. The lotus is white base color (pearls color) and striped blue (Cyan 100%) symbolizes that education and culture were obtained by students will be carried out for the benefit of mankind with full willingness, sincerity, peace, depth and confidence.
  2. Pentagonal wreath frame symbolizes that in carrying out the task of education and teaching, must STKS are able to live and practice the Pancasila and the 1945 Constitution for the survival of the nation with confidence and persistence.
  3. The circle circling round the writing of STKS (Black color), symbolizing that although the students are from various parts of Indonesia, but should be able to establish unity, firm and steadfast in carrying everything.