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Vision & Mision


In 2020 the Bandung College of Social Welfare (BCSW) became Education Development Center
of Social Work in Indonesia.


1. Providing education and teaching of Indonesian Professional and superior Social Work through the Vocational Education, Professional and Specialist.
2. Conducting featured social work research which contributes to Indonesia’s social work education, social welfare policies and programs.
3. Organizing community service on an ongoing basis to improve social welfare.
4. Developing cooperation at home and abroad to achieve a quality college Tridharma.
5. Improving the quality of education management. 


1. The availability of Social Work graduates who have competence as an applied undergraduate Social Work, Professional Social Workers and Social Work Specialist 1.
2. The availability of research results that were held by the Social Work academicians to develop the education and practice of Social Work in Indonesia.
3. The realization of the contribution of academicians in improving the social welfare of society through sustainable community service.
4. Achievement of cooperation networks at home and abroad are strengthening the provision of education and practice of Social Work in Indonesia.
5. Increased provision of educational services in terms of quality, accuracy and speed