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Academic Support

Library Installation

The existence of Bandung College of Social Welfare library occupies a strategic position. No less than 23 125 book titles are available, reports of Practicum D-IV, Final Scientific Work (KIA) / thesis, reports of Postgraduate Specialist-1 (Sp-1) Practicum, Final Scientific Competence Work (KIKA) / thesis, research lecturers of Bandung College of Social Welfare, as well as other books relevant in the field of Social Services / Social Work / Social Welfare. Starting in 2009 STKS Bandung Library has collaborated with Proquest to subscribe a special e-journal of social work.

Language Installation

Language Installation Provides service improvements in language skills for use in education, research and development of social work science. Language Installation is accessible to the academic community of Bandung College of Social Welfare and external parties.

Information Technology Installation

Information Technology Installation (ITI) of Bandung College of Social Welfare (BCSW), in the era of global communications is always put forward the development of the most cutting-edge scientific information, and perform management and information technology services. ITI also coordinates the preparation of materials, facilities and infrastructure (software and hardware), in order to facilitate the learning process based on information technology, for students as part of efforts to strengthen the quality / environmental quality of education in Bandung College of Social Welfare.

BCSW through ITI continues to develop technology and cutting-edge information management system capable of meeting the needs of the organization of management and access to scientific information quickly. STKS ITI has implemented online systems in all work units in STKS with a working Internet access to administrative services and teaching and learning process. ITI STKS always improve and develop the web-based information technology online form both academic administrative information systems, finance and student are implemented in an integrated manner.


Self Access Terminal
Installation of Information Technology (ITI) provides a complete computer with internet access and facilities free wifi for internet access for visitors

Computer lab
Information Technology Installation (ITI) provides facilities for the benefit of the Computer Laboratory of lecture, practicum, and computer training

Religion Education Installation
Religion Education Installation, conducting religion coaching, mentoring, and the study of social problems in a religious perspective for employees and students of BCSW, in order to improve the quality of faith in order to have an understanding and a solution in anticipation of the emergence of social problems that developed in the community, especially those who may harm themselves.

Learning Media Installation
Learning Media Installation provides services and equipment to the arrangement of instructional media, dissemination of educational materials and the use of audio-visual tools.

Publishing Installation
Publishing Installation / STKS Press, provides services and facilitation of scientific publishing, both for internal and external purposes.