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Specialist 1 Social Work Study Program Curriculum

The Curriculum of Specialist-1 (Sp-1) Social Work Postgraduate Program consists of 51 credits for each specialization and divided into four (4) semesters covering the theory and practice of advanced social work for each specialization, with details:

New students are required to attend prapasca with weights 0 credits (for graduates D. IV Social Work) and weighs 6 credits to graduate S.1 Social Welfare. The presented course is Social Workers and Social Welfare, Methods and Practice of Social Workers and Social Workers Research.

Semester I

1. Expertise Subject (advance social work) include Human Behaviour in its Social Environment or HBSE (Human Behavior in the Social Environment), Social Worker Ethics, Theory and Practice
Social Worker, HSO Management (Human Service Organization), Social Welfare Policy and Social Worker Specialization.

2. General Courses (areas of social work practice) and Field Visit (Field Visit).

Semester II

Expertise Subject Area (specialist studies) consist of:

1. Subject fields of expertise at each specialization offers expertise integrative social work. Scope of the course include: a theoretical framework, perspective and skills of the advanced level, the application of social work values and ethics of the advanced level, the application of social work intervention process advanced level, the policy framework and adokasi policy, system and network resources as well as various approach / model / social work intervention strategies for each goal the advanced level of intervention.
Subjects include: Social Worker Research, Methods and Strategies Practice Social Worker, Social Worker Practice Technology and Practice of Integrative Social Workers. Class is divided into the main lectures and tutorials.

2. Field Study – deepening specialization by each student

Semester III & IV

Practice and Specialist Social Worker Practicum Research: Practice Social Worker Specialist, Practical Exam Research Specialist Social Worker: Proposal Thesis, Research and Thesis Writing, Social Worker Specialist Practice and Thesis Exam. Lectures supported with English course (TOEFL) and computer courses.